Cross Country 2019

Congratulations to Grosse Isle’s Cross Country Team!  They have been diligently practising with their coaches Mrs. Clemis and Mrs. Baldwin these past several weeks.  This morning all 29 members of the cross-country team headed off to Teulon!  This afternoon a victorious team returned, who were all so very proud of their efforts of the day, came home with the small schools’ banner!  We are so proud with how you represented both yourselves, and our school!  Congratulations!    

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It has been a busy and fun filled week here at Grosse Isle and we are all so happy to be back and into the swing of things! I am changing the format of my Friday Bulletin’s and will instead keep our school’s calender updated on the school website with anything upcoming, and it is now filled with any dates that we knew about up until June of 2020. As always, if you have questions or concerns please feel free… Read More

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Summer Challenge 2019

Last year was our first year issuing the summer challenge for our students.  This challenge is completely optional, although we strongly encourage regular practice and physical activity throughout the summer to maintain and strengthen all their muscles, including their numeracy and literacy muscles!  We have selected the items and put the packages together to travel easily and require very little in the way of supplies.  All the documents that were sent home in each grades’ Summer Challenge Packages are linked… Read More

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2019-2020 Some updates and changes to share

Happy Summer to all returning families and welcome to our new Gr. 5 families! I have in the past at this time sent home a variety of documents via email.  I have added most of the information to our website so that I can send fewer documents out.   Some updates and changes:   Year-at-a-Glance – this will no longer be sent out.  I have updated our calendar and will continue to do so throughout the year. Monthly Calendars –… Read More

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Furry Visitors

Today, our students were fortunate enough to have some visitors for the day! They were extremely friendly, playful, and very sleepy! St. Bernard puppies, Lizzie and Mater, went to Gr. 5 ELA for reading, Gr. 5 Math to help with project work, napped in Ms. Crow’s office and then some more napping with some of the grade 7/8’s after their final of four day ELA assessment and before they went to the high school for Lifeskills.  Then this afternoon, they went to 5/6 Social Studies, enjoyed second break outside, each with their own diligent group of supervisors, and then finished the day in Social Studies, helping students with their final projects.  It was really a wonderful day having them here! All of us, students and staff, really enjoyed their company today!

There is a lot of interesting research about dogs in the classroom.  If you are interested, I have attached some articles below:

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Beginning the Wrap-up in ELA

The 7/8’s will be writing and working through their final ELA assessment. It will be written Tuesday – Friday, from 9-11am with Mrs. Clemis. We have made several changes to our schedule to ensure consistent timing and structure through the week to support our students. Our last students of the year to write the RAD, will be the grade 6’s.  They will be writing their RAD on Tuesday, this is a reading/writing fluency and comprehension assessment.  This assessment is written at… Read More

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Preparing for Track and Field Divisionals

We usually know it is spring, because the weather gently lets us know and Track and Field practices start. This year the weather was a little reluctant, but that didn’t stop or slow down our kiddos from getting out and trying various running, jumping, and throwing events in our school yard and through town. Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Clemis and Mr. Anderson work with students in the various events to ensure that every student is involved in at least one event.… Read More

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How Does Our Garden Grow!

Every Spring, Grosse Isle students head outdoors to beautify our school yard. Traditionally the 5/6’s are in charge of all our school’s annuals. While over the last couple of years, the 7/8’s have been expanding our perennial collection, flowering shrubs, and fruit trees. All of this has been generously supported by the South Interlake Garden Club Grant, the ISD Sustainable Development Grant, community donations of perennials, Warren Tire generously provided the tires, and parents. But most of all the hard… Read More

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