• Grosse Isle School is a middle years school (grades 5 – 8) located in a rural community just off of highway #6 and path 321.
  • We currently have registered 49 students as follows:
    Grade 5 – 8     Grade 6 – 12     Grade 7 – 11      Grade 8 – 18
  • Grosse Isle School has 4 multi level teaching classrooms, a gymnasium and a library/learning commons.
  • Our staff is made up of 4.0 FTE Professional staff: Principal, Student Services and classroom teachers; As well as 4 support staff, a part time administrative assistant, 2 part time educational assistants, a part-time library clerk and a part-time custodian.
  • With a strong middle years philosophy Grosse Isle School provides the provincially approved programs in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, French, Music, Physical Education and Art. Staff use a hands-on, collaborative approach to learning and and teaching across curricula when possible.
  • In addition, we offer the following: Resource/Student Services, Guidance and Counselling Services, Life Skills Program (through Warren Collegiate), Divisional Sports, Intramural Sports, and Family Life Education.