Happy Summer to all returning families and welcome to our new Gr. 5 families!

I have in the past at this time sent home a variety of documents via email.  I have added most of the information to our website https://gi.interlakesd.ca so that I can send fewer documents out.


Some updates and changes:


  1. Year-at-a-Glance – this will no longer be sent out.  I have updated our calendar https://gi.interlakesd.ca/online-calendar/ and will continue to do so throughout the year.
  2. Monthly Calendars – we won’t send these out anymore either, as all of this information will be kept updated on our website https://gi.interlakesd.ca/online-calendar/
  3. Friday Bulletins – I am hoping to change the format of this communication method.  My goal is to create a post each week, either detailing something from the past week or something to highlight coming up.  Information about the week ahead can be found in the calendar section https://gi.interlakesd.ca/online-calendar/ and information that would normally have been sent home in my Friday Bulletin (permission slips, hot lunch forms, etc.) will now be able to be found in the announcements section of our website https://gi.interlakesd.ca/friday-bulletin/ and you are likely to still receive emails regarding anything time sensitive, or that requires a reply.
  4. School Handbook 2019-2020 – Whether you are new to our building, or you are returning to us.  Please take some time to review this with you child(ren) before September.
  5. School Supplies – each August Grosse Isle Teachers venture out, braving back to school shopping and purchase all the school supplies projected to be needed for the school year.  We have found that this is both time and cost efficient, as we are able to access the teacher/school/bulk discounts this way.  The fees for supplies are typically between $35-60, depending on what is needed.  The fee will be shared with parents early in September, and it is due October 18th.  There are a few items that we ask EACH student to come with:
    1. Backpack/book bag

    2. 2.5” (or larger) zippered 3-ring binder

    3. Headphones/ear buds (*optional, although strongly recommended)

    4. Water bottle LABELLED with student’s name

    5. Gym bag and gym clothes (shirt, shorts, gym shoes, deodorant)

    6. Indoor shoes (these could also be their gym shoes, if they are non-marking soled runners)

    7. If your child has a personal device and chooses to bring it to school, we ask that they bring a block and cord that is compatible with their device.

*Please ensure that ALL personal belongings are CLEARLY LABELLED with student’s name


I will send out digital copies of our Summer Challenge, as well as post them on our website this week.

I will send out more information regarding the first week back at school in later August.

Have a wonderful summer,


Christie Crow
Principal, Grosse Isle School

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