It has been a busy and fun filled week here at Grosse Isle and we are all so happy to be back and into the swing of things!

I am changing the format of my Friday Bulletin’s and will instead keep our school’s calender updated on the school website with anything upcoming, and it is now filled with any dates that we knew about up until June of 2020.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email or you can contact me at the school 12044672560.

Below is some information about this week, and reminders for some upcoming dates:

Cross Country:

  • Cross Country Practices will start on Monday for students who are interested.  Please bring clothes and runners for OUTDOOR running.

School Supplies:

  • We have compiled the total for the school supplies for the 2019-2020 school year.  We are asking $23.00 per child to cover the cost of school supplies (pens, pencils, scribblers, loose leaf, markers, pencil crayons, highlighters, glue sticks, calculators, rulers, scissors, etc…) each teacher keeps a classroom supply in their classroom and each child is provided with their required individual supplies.  This can be submitted via cash, cheque payable to Grosse Isle School, or e-transfer by October 18th.
  • If you have not yet had a chance, we ask that EACH student bring the following:
    1. Back pack/Book bag – labelled
    2. 2.5” – 3” zippered 3 ring binder – labelled
    3. Headphones or earbuds, optional although recommended
    4. Water bottle – labelled
    5. Gym bag, shorts/leggings/sweat pants, t-shirt/tank, INDOOR runners, deodorant – each item labelled – this is required for each phys. Ed class
    6. INDOOR SHOES – labelled
    7. LOCK for locker – we have traditional combination locks for any student, or they can bring in one of their choosing


  • This morning, all of our students had the opportunity to participate in our first book tasting of the year. Students were asked to ”taste” a collection of books from a variety of genres, with the goal of finding books of interest that they will read throughout the year. A book tasting allows students to get an idea of what’s available to read in our school library and our classroom libraries, while exposing students to texts that they may not otherwise give a second look. Both classes engaged in book talks, sharing their favourites and making recommendations, while enjoying cafe tunes and a few tasty snacks. After today, we are excited and ready to “dig our teeth” into our first individual novels of the year! I have added some pictures at the end of this post — the response from kids was pretty fantastic!


  • Each student will be sent home with a Technology/Personal Devices contract.  It is our expectation that each child will READ and initial each statement with their parent and then both parent and child will sign the contract.  I will also sign the contract upon their return, and will send the copy to each of you once all of our signatures are on it.  This is due back to school by Wednesday, September 11th.
  • This contract outlines our school’s beliefs and expectations regarding device use – this applies to both school and personal devices.

Hot Lunch & Canteen:

  • WE traditionally serve hot lunches on Friday’s (or the last school day) of every week.  We are hoping to add a couple of breakfasts a month into the mix this year – stay tuned!
  • Menu’s and order sheets are sent home once a month for the month ahead.
    • September’s hot lunch form and $ is due Monday, September 9th
  • Our canteen will open next week, items can be purchased at either break using cash or their ‘Bank of Grosse Isle Account’
    • No IOU’s for any student
    • Students / parents may make ‘deposits’ into their student’s account at anytime via cash, cheque, or e-transfer
    • When possible, if a hot lunch meal is missed, the total will be ‘deposited’ into the student’s ‘account’
      • If we are ordering from a restaurant, we will not be able to refund those hot lunches unless the meal is cancelled the week prior.


  • Our first GIPAC meeting of the year will be held following the open house next week.  All are welcome, it begins at 6:30pm.
  • Last year we tried out a family Quiz Night with Quiz Master Brooke Darragh.  It was a super fun evening, and both were incredibly well attended.  It has questions for the whole family, in fact the most successful teams had people of all ages on them!
    • It is $5.00 per person or $20.00 per family (whichever is cheapest), it is a fundraiser for GIPAC who support school initiatives throughout the school year.
    • It will be held here in the Grosse Isle School gym on Friday, September 20th.  The doors open at 6pm with quizzes starting at 6:30
    • Please register with Brooke @ 204-461-2675 as a group or an individual

Grosse Isle Community

  • Sunday, October 6th is the Grosse Isle Fall Supper.



Have a wonderful weekend,


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