Last year was our first year issuing the summer challenge for our students.  This challenge is completely optional, although we strongly encourage regular practice and physical activity throughout the summer to maintain and strengthen all their muscles, including their numeracy and literacy muscles!  We have selected the items and put the packages together to travel easily and require very little in the way of supplies.  All the documents that were sent home in each grades’ Summer Challenge Packages are linked below!

There are several reading lists that were included in the summer challenge package, they were compiled by Monster Wrangler Mike, a middle school teacher-librarian based in the US.   We include the lists to help provide some ideas or direction, although ANY reading is good reading, whether that it is sharing a children’s book, a novel, the sports’ section in the paper, the farm auction highlights, song lyrics, movie reviews, hunter safety manual, or the many suggestions that are listed in the summer challenge pages.  Mrs. Clemis is challenging students to read for 24 hours through the summer, 20 minutes at a time!

The Math portion of the challenge has been put together for each grade level.  Mr. Anderson has selected math fact practice sheets for grades 4 & 5.  These are working on skills that are foundational for most other numeracy skills and knowledge.  For grades 6 – 8, Mrs. Baldwin has prepared AWESOME throwback reviews, based on the all major curriculum outcomes covered this year!  As well, Mental Math sheets have been included for additional fact practice!

Just as with any learned skill, especially new ones, without regular practice the skill can be lost or become weak and require relearning.  It is for this reason that we send home the Summer Challenge.  I have attached several articles regarding what is sometimes termed the ‘summer slide’, and suggestions to prevent it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!

Have a wonderful summer!

Happy reading, math-ing, and moving!!


Christie Crow

  1. Ask and Expert: Helping Students Avoid the Summer Slide
  2. 9 Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide
  3. Slowing the Summer Slide
  4. 4 Ways Your Students Avoid Summer Slide

Grosse Isle’s Summer Challenge:

  1. Instructions
  2. Fitness Tracker
  3. 24 Hour Summer Reading Challenge
  4. Mad Minutes Tracker
  5. Grade 4 & 5 – Math Fact Review and Practice
  6. Grade 6 – Throwback Review and Practice
  7. Grade 7 – Throwback Review and Practice and Key
  8. Grade 8 – Throwback Review and Practice and Key
  9. Complete 12 x 12 Multiplication Table

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