Every Spring, Grosse Isle students head outdoors to beautify our school yard. Traditionally the 5/6’s are in charge of all our school’s annuals. While over the last couple of years, the 7/8’s have been expanding our perennial collection, flowering shrubs, and fruit trees. All of this has been generously supported by the South Interlake Garden Club Grant, the ISD Sustainable Development Grant, community donations of perennials, Warren Tire generously provided the tires, and parents. But most of all the hard work of our students!
Today, the 5/6’s planted all of their annual flowers in pots and planters and a few headed into the bushes to collect a few young spruce saplings. We are hoping to create some more spaces with shade (Eventually). Students in small groups choose their planter, their plants, and many decorate their small ‘gardens’. Students are responsible for weeding, watering, and general upkeep of their plants until the end of the school year. Students choose their plants based on the locations that they choose – full sun, sun/shade, or shade.
The 7/8’s will head out and add to our growing tree and shrub collection, once they have made some selections regarding plant choice. They will research plants either native to Manitoba or ones that will be able to withstand our frigid winters. Further, they will have to look for a tree or shrub that adds a little something extra into our school environment, such as: food for birds and/or bees, fruit, flowers, colourful leaves in the fall, sap for syrup…

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