1. The 7/8’s will be writing and working through their final ELA assessment. It will be written Tuesday – Friday, from 9-11am with Mrs. Clemis. We have made several changes to our schedule to ensure consistent timing and structure through the week to support our students.
  2. Our last students of the year to write the RAD, will be the grade 6’s.  They will be writing their RAD on Tuesday, this is a reading/writing fluency and comprehension assessment.  This assessment is written at the beginning and end of each year by all students.
  3. The 5’s and 6’s will begin their final TUSC presentations of the year on Monday.  All students were reminded today to make sure that they are prepared.
  4. I have attached a Reading Comprehension and Word Skill Strategy list – this has been reviewed with students. This may be a helpful tool for our students writing ELA assessments in the coming week to review.
    Reading Comprehension And Word Skill Strategies

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