In OUR School, WE Believe in:

RESPECT, this means:

  • Respecting others with how we communicate (talking, listening, and body language)
  • Respecting other’s teaching and learning environments (we are responsible for the learning environment)

KINDNESS, this means:

  • Being kind with the words we choose when we communicate
  • Being kind through the inclusion of others
  • Being supportive and helpful in positive ways

SAFETY, this means:

  • Everyone is responsible in creating a PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY safe place
  • Being responsible for your own actions and words
  • Getting an adult to help with challenging or unsafe situations

LEARNING, this means:

  • Contributing in positive ways to the learning and teaching in our classrooms and in our school
  • Taking ownership of and participating in our own learning through goal setting and working hard
  • Having fun while learning in positive and supportive ways and at appropriate times